Our Legacy


“Born of the sands, created for the world.”

Private Collection is a distinctive brand of luxurious Arabic sandals that pays homage the region’s timeless tradition for footwear, infused with a uniquely contemporary and forward-looking design sensibility.  The brand, which is known to have revolutionized traditional sandals, has come to epitomize the harmonious merging of proud Arabian values with the passion for style.

Refinement at every step…

Founded on the refinement of traditional design, Private Collection has introduced the use of contemporary textures and materials, creating its own original language of elegance.

Made from the finest exotic leathers and materials and, masterfully handcrafted in Italy by artisans for whom shoemaking is an art handed down through generations, each Private Collection piece carries the hallmark of unrivaled quality.

The brand is renowned for its distinction and attention to detail, making Private Collection a truly covetable indulgence.

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